SAJCO has successfully completed projects in a number of distinct market sectors and as a true pioneer in the construction field, has diversified into other construction related industries. SAJCO specializes in civil construction works and projects which include roads, bridges tunnels, dams, water tanks, water and sewage networks, storm water, buildings, electro mechanical works, airport facilities and deep foundations.

The company has maintained a leading position in the maintenance of road networks, as well as the maintenance of water and sewage networks, and water treatment plants.

SAJCO maintains numerous commercial actives in the manufacturing of pre-cast concrete units, aggregates, asphalt, concrete mixes, marble and granite fabrication all adhering to international standards.

SAJCO’s principal activities include:

Construction & Maintenance

  • Roads
  • Highways
  • Bridges
  • Interchanges
  • Tunnels
  • Storm water
  • Sewer lines
  • Water distribution networks systems
  • Ground water reservoirs

Telecom & Technology
Supply, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of:

  • Toll systems RFID/ DSRC.
  • Video enforcement systems.
  • Traffic counters and data collection.
  • Commercial truck scales.
  • Weighing in motion systems.
  • Certified scales calibration.
  • Urban parking systems.
  • Vehicle tracking systems.
  • VMS.
  • Smart weather stations.
  • Road quality & condition imaging systems.
  • Road safety systems.


  • Earth fill dams
  • Rock fill dams
  • Concrete gravity dams
  • Spillways, conduits draw off, bottom outlets and all related concrete structures
  • Underground slurry walls (plastic concrete)
  • Water wells (pumping & monitoring)
  • Instrumentation and grouting

Surveying, earth moving, grading, safety works, traffic lights, road painting, storm water, sewer lines, water distribution networks systems, and construction of ground water reservoirs.

Piling & Deep Foundation

  • Reinforced piling
  • Earth improving and dewatering


  • Superstructures
  • Design
  • Construction and renovations of industrial and residential buildings

Production of Construction Materials

  • Aggregates
  • Ready-mix concrete
  • Bituminous mixes
  • Pre-cast units

Electro-mechanical and L
ighting Works

  • Construction of pumping stations and lighting works for roads and underpasses

Construction, Operation & Maintenance of 
Water Treatment Plants

Natural Stone Fabrication

Forming and Fabricating Metal Products

Rock Blasting Using The Latest Technology 

Road Construction

Road Construction

SAJCO has been prominent in the execution of roads, bridges, tunnels, interchanges and underpass projects since 1965

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Road Maintenance

Road Maintenance

SAJCO has been highly ranked among contractors of road maintenance in Saudi Arabia and in the Gulf Countries

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Dam Construction

Dam Construction

SAJCO has implemented many earth, concrete and underground dams all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Piling & Deep Foundations

Piling & Deep Foundations

SAJCO has executed numerous deep foundation works and reinforced piles

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Water & Sewerage Networks

Water & Sewerage Networks

Water, sewerage and storm water drainage projects are considered one of the SAJCO’s major activities

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Production of Road Construction Materials

Production of Road Construction Materials

Coming from the company’s assurance to guarantee high quality products used in different projects

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Rock Blasting

Rock Blasting

SAJCO has achieved an impressive number of rock blasting works reaching over 6 million cubic meters yearly

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